Refrigerant Buyback

AEG's program seeks to recycle used and phased out refrigerant by offering competitive pricing and no cost recovery services with EPA certified equipment and verification documentation so you can trust the job was done correctly.

Refrigerant Reclamation

When the EPA discontinues certain types, the supply reduces, but the demand remains elevated. That's where we come in. By reclaiming leftover refrigerant, evacuating into cylinders, sending it through various processes stripping it of any impurities, and reselling it at top dollar.

Some of the types we collect include, but are not limited to, R-22, R-12, R-11, R-123, and more!

Used refrigerant isn't the only thing we collect! Virgin, or pure, refrigerant, we accept as well!

No Cost Recovery and Transportation Services

As a part of our program, we offer on site recovery and shipping services at no cost to you. We provide cylinders for removal and trucking to and from your facility.

Stress less and let us shoulder this burden!

How much is your refrigerant worth?

If you have any opportunities, or would like to know what AEG can offer you, please get in contact with us. Let us show you why so many other companies have chosen to work with American Equipment Group.